TRT WORLD | Where news becomes change!


TRT World is unique 24/7 international English news platform headquartered in İstanbul, with four newsrooms located around the world. With an original outlook, uninfluenced by those of other global media outlets, TRT World aims to contribute fresh perspectives to the narrative of how stories are reported to give as many voices as possible the chance to be heard.

TRT World’s ambition is to deliver international news with a 360 degree perspective, to ignite compassion and empower action, and to champion the values of journalistic excellence and objectivity that a global audience expects.

At TRT World we recognize that in any story there as many perspectives as people and that different latitudes often mean different attitudes.

This ‘field first’ approach aims to inspire change by empathizing and connecting with our audience, to provoke a reaction, a change in their thought pattern, a different take on social issues, and a deeper understanding of other cultures and ethnicities.

TRT World defines its audience as global citizens with a global conscience and believe they deserve to be at the heart of the story. Even in the biggest stories, our focus is always on the people living the news.

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