English Pronunciation: -ING & -INK (İngilizce Doğru Telaffuz)

Do you need some help with your English pronunciation?
Today we are focusing on words ending in “-ing” and “-ink”.
For example, words like “sing”, “ring”, “bring”, “pink”, “sink”, and “blink” are all words that end in either “-ing” or “-ink”.
Some of these words have one syllable, and some have two, such as in “singing”.

In this lesson, Gill will pronounce the words for you and explain how to say them.
You will get a chance to practise your pronunciation with me. As a bonus, you may also learn some new vocabulary!
Whether you are a beginner or you want to brush up on your English pronunciation, this lesson is for you.
Gill thinks you may be on the brink of learning something new!

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